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Optional Stands

Although our TSS-1 Tag Stringer was designed to be used comfortably on any table or countertop, we now produce ergonomic stands designed specifically for the TSS-1. These stands feature tubular steel construction, four 3" locking casters, and adjustable height and angle.

Two-Leg Painted Stand (TLPS)
Simple yet robust, this basic stand will hold a TSS-1 Tag Stringer securely while providing maximum leg room. Painted to match the TSS-1.

Twine Holders

We currently produce two types of twine holders for use with our TSS-1 Tag Stringer. These small stands securely hold the twine cones while reliably allowing the twine to dispense into the machine.

Twine Cone Holder (TCH)
This unit holds a cone in a vertical orientation so twine may be pulled from the end, straight up into the machine.

Twine Spool Holder (TSH)
This unit holds a cone horizontally, allowing the cone to rotate on its axis and feed the twine upward into the machine.

If you need something not shown here, for more information or to place an order, please contact us.


Two-Leg Painted Stand
Two-Leg Painted Stand

Twine Cone Holder

Twine Spool Holder

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