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Fischell Machinery LLC
6122 Whaley Hwy.
Clayton, MI  49235
Phone/Fax: (517) 445-2828


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The TSS-1 is powered by a 110-volt electric motor (220-volt available). This powerful, reliable motor conveniently plugs in to any standard househould outlet. A simple two-position switch turns the machine on or off. The belt drive is guarded to prevent injury to the operator.




Machine cycles are activated with a small foot trip pedal. This pedal can be activated by the operator's foot, by hand, or it can be mounted to the table and activated with the knee. These diverse activation options work to prevent operator fatigue.



A proven and effective single-stop electric clutch controls the machine cycle. This ensures that the machine cycles perfectly every time.




The time-tested and field-proven tying head is made of durable, hardened parts for long life. The tying head is guarded to protect the operator, and the guard can easily be removed to service the parts inside.



The hardened and grooved needle directs the twine precisely to the needed location within the tying head.




A simple spring plunger acts as a safety mechanism if the needle encounters any resistance. If the needle hits an object such as the operator's arm, the needle disengages from the drive system.




An exclusive twine tensioning system ensures that twine is delivered at a consistent rate and tension.




The twine tube holds a number of items waiting to be tied, whether they are tags, labels, ribbons, or air fresheners.



The grooved table allows tied pieces to hang out of the way and accumulate for easy removal in batches, saving time.


Still tying tags by hand? Looking to add a new service for your customers? Look no further than a Fischell Machinery TSS-1 Tag Stringer.

Please contact us for more information.

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Switch Plate

Trip Pedal

Electric Clutch

Tying Head


Safety Kickout

Twine Tensioner

Twine Tube


Drive System

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