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Fischell Machinery LLC
6122 Whaley Hwy.
Clayton, MI  49235
Phone/Fax: (517) 445-2828


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LeafNursery Tying Solutions


Are you looking for a cost-effective method for bundling bare root trees, landscaping plants, fruit plants, or other live nursery stock? Look no further than one of our NTS Nursery Tying Solutions.

What are the benefits of a Fischell Machinery Nursery Tying Solution?

One nursery tyer and one operator can perform the work of three people tying by hand. This allows you to reduce ever-increasing labor costs associated with wages and insurance while increasing productivity.

Neatly bundled plants are easily stored and transported.

Our string tying machines provide a consistent knot appearance and bundle tension.

Our bundling equipment can tie polypropylene or sisal twine with ease.

Live plants can be bundled without sustaining any damage.

Tying components are hardened for durability and long life, so the machines consume a minimum of replacement parts each season.

All of our equipment is produced in our factory in Clayton, Michigan by a team with over twenty years of experience in the industry. With backgrounds in agriculture and manufacturing, we work hard to assure complete satisfaction with our equipment.

We continually work with growers to develop innovations with our tying machines. Our bundling equipment is always evolving to meet new challenges and provide the best possible operation. With every machine we build, you can be assured that you are using the latest string-tying technology available for nursery bundling.

Currently we offer three different models to suit your needs:

Fischell Machinery NTS-10M

Fischell Machinery NTS-15M

Fischell Machinery NTS-1560M

Be sure to check out the list of features that go into every one of our NTS machines.

Not sure which Fischell Machinery Nursery Tying Solution is right for you? View a side-by-side comparison!

Please contact us for more information.

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