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CTGS Custom Tree Grading Solutions
Automatically grade, count, and sort bare-root trees and other plants


Increase Production Rates - Process 20,000-40,000 trees per day, depending on product and features

Reduce Labor Costs - Grading, counting, and sorting are performed with fewer workers and completed in less time

Record Valuable Data - Tree descriptions, sizes, and counts are automatically recorded for inventory use

Fully Customizable - Machine design and features are crafted to fit your products and your needs


Tree grading can be very labor intensive, requiring many workers and a great deal of time. In order to increase the speed and accuracy of this important task we have developed our automated CTGS Tree Graders.

Our CTGS Custom Tree Grading Solutions use state of the art technology to quickly and accurately sort tree grades. Workers simply load the trees on the line and unload the sorted trees at the other end. In between, conveyors carry the trees through lasers and video cameras to accurately measure and record grade and count information. Caliper, length, root mass, branch mass, and other measurements are all possible. The trees are then conveyed to an unloading area, where they are sorted into different hoppers based on grade.

We don't offer a one-size-fits-all solution for tree grading and counting. Instead we work with individual nurseries to develop an ideal approach to each customer's unique needs. Operating within the general framework above, we can modify any aspect of the equipment to suit specific requirements. Machine size, number of grade hoppers, and number and type of cameras and lasers are just a few of the potential modifications.

The design below is an example of a "large" machine suitable for tall fruit and nut trees with bushy roots and branches. This design features exit conveyors. Typical Large Machine Dimensions PDF

The design below is an example of a "large, extra long" machine suitable for tall fruit and nut trees with bushy roots and branches. This design features longer loading and unloading sections, and no exit conveyors.

The design below is an example of a "compact" machine suitable for short, straight rootstock and cut flowers.

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If you're interested in learning more about automated tree grading, check out the CTGS procedure, CTGS videos, or contact us for more information.


CTGS Tree Grader

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