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Fischell Machinery LLC
6122 Whaley Hwy.
Clayton, MI  49235
Phone/Fax: (517) 445-2828


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CTGS Custom Tree Grading Solutions
Automated Tree Grading, Counting, and Sorting

How It Works

While each CTGS tree grader is customed-designed to customer specifications, the machines follow the same basic procedure:

1) Tree type is entered into the CTGS interface.

2) Workers load trees onto the loading section.

3) Spring-loaded clamps enclose the trees and they are moved upward.

4) Lasers and cameras measure the tree caliper and record this information in a database.

5) Trees are conveyed over the unloading section.

6) The computer activates pneumatic cylinders to unload the trees in the appropriate hoppers.

The end result is that trees are sorted according to size, and the count of each grade is recorded for inventory use.

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