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Fischell Machinery LLC
6122 Whaley Hwy.
Clayton, MI  49235
Phone/Fax: (517) 445-2828


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LeafNursery Tying Solutions


All of our NTS tree bundlers are rugged pieces of farm equipment. Built with strong tubular steel frames, these machines roll easily across rough terrain on four eight-inch pneumatic tires. All tubular frame pieces are capped to prevent insects from nesting inside and prevent moisture damage. Simple mechanical drive mechanisms and a wide trip pedal ensure a long life of hassle-free operation. Electrical components are water-resistant, making our equipment well-suited for moist, dirty environments.

Operating our equipment is easy. Simply slide your bundle of live plants across the smooth, flat table and step on the guarded trip pedal. Within two seconds, your bundle will be neatly tied for storage and distribution. Under the table, tying components are kept safe from dirt and debris, preventing wear and tear.

Power comes from a standard 115-volt outlet (220-volt optional). The machines are driven by a 1/4 HP motor providing plenty of power. A simple and reliable drive system ensures many years of simple and reliable operation. A flywheel release mechanism prevents damage to the machine and injury to the operator.


Durable tying mechanism parts are designed for a long life of heavy abuse. When a part does need to be replaced, the simple knotter assembly is easy to dismantle. Each part is individually replaceable, keeping parts costs down. We manufacture and stock all replacement parts so there's little delay in getting your machine up and running. In the event you need technical assistance with your repair, help is only a phone call away.


An exclusive twine-tensioning system ensures that twine is delivered at a consistent rate and tension, providing trouble-free operation. Porcelain eyelets provide a smooth, durable surface to route the twine.


A wide trip pedal makes it easy to trigger the machine to cycle. The machine can also be operated manually with a convenient hand crank. This feature allows you to troubleshoot and repair the machine quickly and easily.



Bundles are neatly secured with a non-slip bow knot that is also easy to remove.


Currently we offer three different models to suit your needs:

Fischell Machinery NTS-10M

Fischell Machinery NTS-15M

Fischell Machinery NTS-1560M

Not sure which Fischell Machinery Nursery Tying Solution is right for you? View a side-by-side comparison!

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